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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

B8 Monday Tuesday December 24 25 2007 The Vicksburg Post TV Tuesday night By TV Media Inc 1) WLBT News Entertainment Deal or No Deal Howie Mandel brings contestants some holiday cheer as they play for $1 Law Order: SVU "lorida" Detective WLBT 10pm News 35 The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Talk :35 Late Night With NBC Jackson 3 Tonight million Benson investigates her brother show features guests and comedy segments Conan O'Brien GLDWUX Two and a Half Men Two and a Half Men Control Room Presents "Rihanna" Rihanna Control Room Presents "Avril The King of Queens The King of Queens Sex and the City Sex and the City Will Grace According to Jim MNT Jackson performs in Montreal (N) Avril Lavigne performs in LA (N) iJJWJTV News The Andy Griffith NCIS Story" McGee's fictional book The Unit "Natural Bob and his 48 Hours Mystery "The Mystery of Newschannel 12 35 The Late Show With David Letterman :35 The Late Late CBS Jackson 2 Show about an agent become reality translator survive a helicopter crash Christmas" David interviews celebrities Show ililWAPT 4:10 Basketball NBA Phoenix Suns vs Los "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl' (2003 Adventure) Geoffrey Rush Orlando Bloom Johnny Depp WAPT 10pm News :35 ABC News :05 Jimmy Kimmel Live eatures celebrity ABC Jackson 16 16 Angeles Lakers (L) A man teams up with a pirate to save a governor's daughter from a cursed band of pirates Niqhtline guests bands and pandemonium 29JWMPN News Nova "Wave That Shook the World" rontlineWorld "A World of Good" Profiles Independent Lens The world of crosswords is Tavis Smiley Charlie Rose Interviews writers politicians PBS MPB 29 29 Analysis of the December 2004 tsunami people who are finding ways to do good (N) explored through the work of puzzle creator Will Shortz tM WRBJ Half Half Half Half Crowned Needs a New Swimsuit" Reaper "Magic" Andi invites Sam on an The Tyra Banks Show A look at the amily Guy "And the amily Guy "Peter TMZ South Park CW Jackson 8 34 34 overnight trip challenges facing young women today Weiner is" Peter Caviar Eater" (40) WDBO The Bernie Mac The Bernie Mac Bones Superhero in the Alley" House "Daddy's Boy" A college graduate Martin Living Single Jamie oxx Show resh Prince of Bel Martin Jamie oxx Show OX Jackson 5 40 40 $jow Show collapses at a party Air op CSI: Miami "Hell Night" Ajury visits the orrest Gump (1994 Drama) Sally ield Gary Simse Tom Hanks A simple man finds himself in extraordinary situations Paranormal State Paranormal State Gump" (94) Tom 41 1 18 265 sceneofa murder throughout the course of his life Hanks AMT 49 110 754 5 00 "H'9d P'ains Drifter" C73) "Bio Bravo" (1 959 Western) Dean Martin Ricky Nelson John Wayne Although he knows henchmen will pursue him a "The (1956 Western) Jeffrey Hunter Natalie Wood John Wayne A 54 Clint Eastwood sheriff arrests a bullying cattle baron veteran returns home to find his family killed by Comanches and his niece kidnapped pT 4J0Y "Why Do ools all in Love?" Celebration of Gospel A celebration of spiritually uplifting gospel music dedicated to the Bebe Winans: Return to Church Access Granted To Be Announced "The Gospel" Boris Kodjoe An Bbl 57 124 329 Hae stars of the future "Kirk ranklin" singer returns home to his sick father CNN 32 200 202 4:00 CNN People are recognized for Planet in Peril Pt 1 of 2 cont'd next A report on the black market animal trade Wildlife Planet in Peril Pt 2 of 2 Reports on the survival of the polar bear rising sea levels and Planet in Peril 12 cont'd next The black 2 extraordinary accomplishments Alliance raids and products safety sceptics of climate change market animal trade Wildlife Alliance raids ESPN 30 140 206 5 sPortscenter (L) NBA Shootaround Basketball NBA Seattle SuperSonics vs Portland Trail Blazers Site: Rose Quarter Portland Ore (L) Sportscenter A thorough and entertaining presentation of the NBA ast Break (L) NL Live (L) day's news in sports AM 45 180 311 "The ncredibles" C04) Crai9 Incredibles" (2004 Animated) Holly Hunter Samuel Jackson Craig Nelson A family of undercover superheroes 700 Club A program featuring information Whose Line Is It Whose Line Is It 1 Nelson must fight to save the world from an evil villain and inspiration Anyway? Anyway? cwr me 0X Report The O'Reilly actor I Hannity Colmes 7 On the Record The O'Reilly actor Hannity Colmes rnx jzUjjbu 2 OOD 65 110 31 Emeril Livel Good Eats "The Icing Good Eats "A Cake ACook'sTour ACook'sTour A Cook's Tour A Cook's Tour Good Eats I Unwrapped A Cook's Tour A Cook's Tour ManCometh" on Every Plate" to be a Carioca" "Christmas Cookies" P55 34 63() 4:00 Poker ullTiltPokernet Championship Site: Wynn Las Vegas Nev It's All Good ACC All Access ESN inal Score It's All Good SN inal Score Operation: ield "Year End Review" "Year End Review" Rescue 56 137 248 500 "Home "Home Alone" (1990 Comedy) Joe Pesci Daniel Stern Macaulay Culkm A boy "Maid in ('02) Ralph iennes Tyler Garcia Posey Jennifer Lopez A in Manhattan" Jennifer Macaulay Culkin is accidentally left behind when his family goes on a holiday at Christmas time senatorial candidate falls fora hotel maid who he believes to be a Manhattan socialite Lopez urrr a My House is Worth House Hunters Designed to Sell ISpice Up My Kitchen I Decorating Cents (N)24 Hour Design House Hunters ISecrets That Sell My House is Worth Hidden Potential Designed to Sell ISpice Up My Kitchen HUI 39 112 229 what? What? HIST 38 120 269 Modern Marvels Tech" MonsterQuest "Bigfoot" An all female MonsterQuest "Mutant Canines" MonsterQuest "Lions in the Backyard" MonsterQuest "Gigantic Killer ish" MonsterQuest An all female expedition searches for Bigfoot expedition searches for Bigfoot LIE 31 108 252 "Holiday Swilcb" (2007 Drama) Maya Ritter Kristen Harris Nicole Eggert A woman Christmas Wedding" ('06ComDra) Eric Mabius Sarah Paulson Dean Cam Will Grace Will Grace rasier "The ight rasier "Mary wonders what her life would be like if she married her high school boyfriend Emily and Ben's perfect Christmas wedding is about to fall apart Emily becomes stranded "Christmas Break" Before Christmas" Christmas" LMN 66 109 253 "athers and Sons" I'041 "D'rmer With riends" ('01) Andie MacDowell SO "Unwedfather" (1997 Drama) Nicholle Tom Alan Rachins Brian Austin :40 "Only You" ('94) Marisa Tomei A woman travels to Kathy Baker student is forced to face the harsh realities of raising an infant son on his own Europe in search of a man she believes to be her true love NICK 48 170 299 Era'e Drake Josh iCarly ull House Home Improvement George Lopez George Lopez resh Prince of Bel resh Prince of Bel The Cosby Show Home Improvement Home Improvement Air Air SC1I 51 122 244 Star9ate: 55 1 "Collateral Damage" Stargate: SG 1 "Ripple Effect" Various Stargate: SG 1 "Stronghold" ECW Wrestling "Best of ECW" Stargate: SG 1 "Off the Grid" SG 1 is taken Stargate: SG 1 "The Scourge" A dangerous Colonel Mitchell is accused of murder alternate versions of SG 1 arrive on Earth captive off world swarm of alien bugs escape containment SPIKE 46 168 325 CSI: Crime The CSI CSI: Crime Scene "The Hunger Artist" A CSI: Crime "Revenge Is Best Served Cold" CSI: Crime Scene "The Accused Is Entitled" CSI: NY "Cool A woman's body is CSI: Crime Scene "Anatomy of a Lye" A team goes for lorida for a high profile case model is found dead and disfigured Grissom investigates the death of a gambler The CSI lab is put on trial discovered in a water tower body covered in lye is discovered in the park TBS 13g2 4 7 5:00 "A Christmas Story" ('83) amily Guy amily Guy "Brian amily Guy "Blind amily Guy The Office "Gay The Office "The Sex and the City Sex and the City "Lost and ound" ('99) David Spade Peter Billingsley Goes To College" Ambition" Perfect Castaway" Witch Hunt" Convention" "Boy Girl Boy Girl" Restaurateur falls for cellist TCM 35 132 256 5 "Al1 al' Down" Wafren of Kings" (1962 Epic) Siobhan McKenna Robert Ryan Jeffrey Hunter The hfe of Jesus Christ from his early days to Greatest Story Ever Told" ('65 Epic) Charlton Heston Dorothy McGuire Beatty the aftermath of his Resurrection Max Von Sydow The story of Jesus' 33 years on Earth from his birth to his resurrection TLC 52 183 280 Miami lnlt "skate or Die" Yoi' 9ets a seious Miami Ink "Speed Racer" Nunez goes to Miami Ink "Makin' the Big Leagues" Ami Miami Ink Thick and Thin" Ami Miami Ink "Skate or Die" Yoji gets a serious Miami Ink "Speed Racer" Nunez goes to workout drag racing school and Nunez create a temporary tattoo and Nunez judge a bikini contest workout drag racing school TNT 40 i38 245 Co'd Case "Cdurch9oirl9 People" Li1 Cold Case "The Good Death" A nurse Cold Case "Stalker" Lilly and the team must Cold Case "The Runner" Cold Case "Love Conquers Al" Without a Trace "91 1 The team searches 5 opens a case confesses to killing six patients in 1 998 contend with a suicidal killer 2 't for a missing 911 operator TOON 36 176 296 "Ttle Dorado" Voices of Kenneth Branagh Rosie Perez Kevin "Chicken Run" ('00 Am) Voices of Julia Sawalha Phil Daniels Mel Gibson A Astro Boy 'V Astro Boy Astro Boy Astro Boy Kline Two swindlers find themselves on an accidental journey to a legendary City of Gold group of chickens decide to rebel against their evil captors by planning a great escape TVLND 50 106 301 San0d and Son 1 Sanford and Son A Scared" (1986Action) Gregory Hines Jimmy Smits Billy Crystal MASH The Andy Griffith The Andy Griffith The Andy Griffith The Andy Griffith 'v r4 Close to early retirement two undercover police officers have a tough time staying alive Show Show USA 43 105 242 (2003 Comedy) James Caan Bob Newhart Will errell A man who has "Elf" (2003 Comedy) James Caan Bob Newhait Will errell A man who has "The riday After Next" Com) Mike Epps John Witherspoon Ice Cube Two been raised as an elf travels to New York to find his true father been raised as an elf travels to New York to find his tiue father security guards team up to track down the person who robbed them on Christmas Eve DISN 58 Hannah :50 The Suite Life of :15 "Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas" ('99 Wayne :35 That So Raven That's Raven "The Life With Derek Suite Life Christmas Hannah Montana The Replacements Kim Possible "A Very The Suite Life Zack Cody Allwine "Escape Claus" Ice Girl Cometh" atthe Tipton" Possible Christmas" HBO 401 300 501 soY Extras An out of work actor struggles for work when he keeps Devil Wears Prada" Anne Hathaway Meryl Streep A woman with Boxing's Best of 2007 "Taylor vs Pavlik" The Wire Hard as Nails the Line" losing his parts to bigger stars journalistic ambitions works for an overly demanding fashion magazine editor MAX 4 1 0 3 1 0 5 1 2 5 45 amily Stone" Sarah Jessica "Epic Movie" (2007 Comedy) Adam Campbell Jennifer 'Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Hotel Erotica "Model "Blue Streak" ('99) Martin Coolidge Kai Penn This film lampoons various blockbusters Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan" Sacha Baron Cohen Behavior" Lawrence SHOW 70 1318 537 5:15 "While You Were Sleeping" "Mission: Impossible III" C06) Philip Seymour Hoffman Torn Cruise Ethan :05 "ailure To Launch" ('06) Matthew McConaughey :45 "Elizabethtown" ('05) Orlando Bloom ('95) Sandra Bullock Hunt is called out of retirement to catch a dangerous and sad*stic arms dealer or expanded TV coverage visit us online: wwwvicksburgpostcom TV Times a weekly television guide is included in Sunday's edition of The Vicksburg Post WEDNESDAY HOROSCOPE Tuesday's Crossword BY BERNICE BEDE OSOL NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSOCIATION indications' that you will neglect a efforts postwne your involvement in days as an excuse will not sulfice anything competitive until another on it right away or suffer the the odds are equal You wrongly see yourself as the underdog Scorpio(0it2l Nov22)qiieix)s sibility is strong that you ill operate in an erratic manner in your deal inds with others It is a mistake to you will finish last Virgo (Aug 23 Sept 22) Some say one thing then turn around and Taurus (April Maj 20) Unless one whom you were depending do another especially when friends 11 ismucaiiy iiinxiiamsuixiueincn twiii not oe ame io neip you ancr are depending on you nations to contradict anybody even if y'all Unfortunately you will have to Sagittarius (Nov2Wcc2l) It loinorrowis the carelul year ahead you will have many more Aries (March 21 April 19) Unless big responsibility that you prom opportunities to associate with inllu you are putting forth your best ised to take care of Using the holi ennui people than you had previ ously Cultivate these relationships because they will provide you with day With your energy levels so low consequences vppui IUIULIL'5 ULUIVU Up Ulllll now Capricorn (Dec 22 Jan Weigh and analyze all of your alt erna to contradict anybody even if Unfortunately you will have Sagittarius fives especially in career matters' iyou think you arc right Behavior of handle everything completely on 'let an extravagant friendJnftuencdM but go to the extreme of being this ilk will trigger somethingrather 'your own your thinking when it comes low indecisive In order to succeed you Iihra(Sept2!) Usuallyyou spending your money You will be must be able to make a good judg Gemini (May 21 hine 20) Be both 'have a healthy' amount of self conli sorry if you make a lot of useless ment calif and guarded when itcomes dence but this will not be the casejpurchases just because thingsarer Aquarius (Jan 20 eb ID) There to joint ventures It you misinterpret in a competitive involvement where on sale right now is something that you said you would your position as being strong and do for a person who needs your help However if your incentive is not strong enough or you find an inconvenience you will not do it (eb 20 MarcIi 20) Nor mally you are able to tolerate or at least cope with a demanding friend but the manner in which he or she requests something will cause you to respond in an angry fashion Be 'dominating you will quickly discover you are operating from weakness Cancer (June 21 July 22) Your judgment is not as acute as it usu ally is right now so somesteps you have already taken will have to be retraced Be prepared to have in your teet what you do not have in your head Leo (July 23 Aug 22) There are Tuesday Sudoku 7 6 7 6 5 1 2OI7 Kmjlx eitHfrTMrbKQd by UntverMil Syndicate 12Z24 Sudoku Puzzle 5 2 3 8 Complete llie grid so every row column and 3x3 box contains every digit irom 1 Previous puzzl solution 7138 5 91 6'2 4 1 1 852 4 2 9 3 3 5 DIICULTY RATING 8 3 2 15 9 6:7 8 9 3 4 1 5 4l9 2 6 6 23 7 84 879 513:1 4 9 5 8 1j2 2863 7(5 4 6 9 9 I 57 3 4'7 698 5118121413 Tuesday's Jumble (THAT SCRAMBLED WORD GAME by Henri Arnold and Mike Argirion Unscramble these four Jumbles one letter to each square to form four ordinary words NIGVY Tribune Media Services Inc 7 All Rights Reserved NOCIT i i trn HAMOT LaJ wwwjumblecom BERROK 7 $itt it won't turn 5 4 over 4 12 Z7 WHAT HAPPENED WHEN THE OLP TIMER COULPNT START HIS CAP Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer as suggested by the above cartoon 7 7 'f ST7 'siz zkA A 7k 7k (Answers tomorrow) Yesterday's I Jumbles: JOUST AVAIL ADMIRE BEHAL I Answer: What the recruit did when the Army barber finished HE "BRISTLED" Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis ACROSS 6 Seder bread 41 The Waste 52 Sch in Greenwich 1 Beats by a little 7 Ornamental Land' poet Village 6 Athletic events needle case 42 me" '56 Declare void 11 Skating surface 8 Deserve 43 Take over 58 Birds' bills 14 Ex New York 9 Calc prereq demon style 59 Sprouted i governor Mario Spill the beans 60 1958 Best 1 5 Pong creatorClJ 1 One may be 47 Adam's Picture and this' 16 Opponents of flashed to a contribution puzzle's title defense lawyers: 'security guard 48 Muddy 61 Rivals of GEs Abbr 12Bone building 50 Japanese 65 Payable 17 Illinois senator element 5" carp 66 Vb type Barack 7 13 Regards highly 51 Battle of 7 67 Given'" 18 Shroud city 21 lash during" Atlantic 1999 1 9 Popular diner welding jfc attackers film menu letters 22 Gas pump abbr 20 Classic '23 ab that "ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE: Mnurfftn a 23 Robert of Simpson's defense team 26 Pop singer Bnckell 27 Irish Rose's lover 28 Juicy ruit for one 33 Halley observation 35 Chablis or Chardonnay 36 Modem borders? 37 Challenge for parents 41 15 often 44 Reddish horse: 45 Trains in the ring 49 Damning evidence xwordeditoraolcom 122507 runner often 24 network 25 Goal 29 ormer NBA center Patnck 30 Come in first 31 Beethoven's 32 Darkroom strips briefly 34 She plays Susan on Housewives" 38 Big weight 39 Luggage attachment 40 Unscheduled appointment book column I I I a1TaP7ITaTdWr I TTWw I aM A TYo TTcTa yMw hen sMo oom I I TIBBI TLAL Mr i i TTaIMIH uli njBm J5U YTe eye Mv ANS encs TaB wlMm a TM i I I Tjjl I cMs" A A AES Ogvl i TMMT i I TM usERBTAssjEj 53 Revise 54 Old US gas brand 55 In the near future 57 alling behind 62 Rage 63 "All My Children" vixen 64 Gymmst Comaneci 68 RN workplaces 69 Sired in biblical terms 70 You might make one if you miss your street 71 Pennington and Cobb 72 Holey order? 73 Suspicious DOWN 1 Earth friendly prefix 2 Add to the soundtrack 3 few rounds 4 John Steed's partner 5 Words of agreement 1 2 3 4 5 7 0 9 76 12 13 77 25 27 30 31 33 3 44 47 S3 By Jack MchiturfT (c)2(W7 Tribune Media Senkrs Inc 122507 UNIVERSAL Sudoku Puzzle.

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