F-Zero: Maximum Velocity (2024)

F-Zero Maximum Velocity (F-ZERO FOR GAMEBOY ADVANCE in Japan) is a futuristic racing game for Game Boy Advance. It is the third installment in the F-Zero franchise. The game was developed by Ndcube, and published by Nintendo. The game was released as a launch game for the system, on March 21, 2001, in Japan, June 11, 2001, in North America and across Europe on June 22, 2001.


  • 1 Gameplay
  • 2 Game Modes
    • 2.1 Grand Prix
    • 2.2 Training
    • 2.3 Multiplayer
    • 2.4 Single Cart
    • 2.5 Multi-Cart
  • 3 Characters
  • 4 Circuits
  • 5 Re-releases


Every race consists of 5 laps around a race track. The race will end prematurely if the player land outside of the track after a jump, destroys their car by depleting its energy, or completes a race in too low of a rank; all of these conditions necessitate the player using an extra life (if available in the Grand Prix) to try again.

At the end of every lap the player is given one boost. This boost may be used at any time during a game by pressing both shoulder buttons at the same time. A boost will dramatically increase a player's speed, but will decrease their ability to turn. A boost used before a jump will make the player jump farther, allowing for the use of shortcuts.

Game Modes[]

Upon starting the game, the player must enter a name that will be used throughout the game modes. Afterwards, three options are selectable; Start, Rankings, and Options. Rankings lets you see the records for the fastest run on each circuit, and Options lets you change the control set up and music toggle. The following are the main game modes:

Grand Prix[]

The Grand Prix is the main single-player component of Maximum Velocity. It consists of 4 (1 hidden) series each containing 5 races. The player needs to be in the top 3 at the end of the last lap in order to continue to the next race. If the player is unable to continue, the player will lose a life and can try the race again. If the player runs out of lives, then the game ends, and the player has to start the series from the beginning.


Training mode lets the player complete a selected course in the fastest time possible. You can race alone, or with one CPU racer. The CPU racer can be set as Beginner, Standard, and Expert.


The game can be played in 2 multiplayer modes using the Game Boy Advance link cable, with one cart, or one cart per player. 2-4 Players can play in both modes.

Single Cart[]

In single cart, only one player needs to have a cartridge. The other players will boot off of the link cable network from the player with the cart using the GBA's netboot capability. All players drive a generic car, and the game can only be played on one level, Silence.


In multi-cart, each player needs to have a cartridge to play.This has many advantages over single cart:

  • All players can use any machine in this game unlocked by anyone.
  • Select any course in this game.
  • After race finish, all player's ranking data are mixed and shared ("Mixed ranking" stored each cart).


This gametakes place twenty-five years after the firstF-Zero, in yet another F-Zero Grand Prix. The past generations of F-Zero had "piloted their way to fame", so it is the onlyF-Zerogame withoutCaptain Falcon, Samurai Goroh, Pico, or Dr. Stewart. Regardless, there are still some references to them in the all-new roster of characters.

MeganHot Violet
Mickey MarcusFire Ball
Jane B. ChristieJ. B. Crystal
NichiWind Walker
Lord CyberSly Joker
Alexander O'NeilThe Stingray
Blitz WagnerSilver Thunder
Kent AkechiFalcon MK-2
KumikoFighting Comet
Professor Yazoo Jr.Jet Vermilion


This game features all-new tracks, with the sole exception of Fire Field appearing twice.

#Pawn SeriesKnight SeriesBishop SeriesQueen Series
1Bianca City 1
Stretch Circuit
Tenth Zone East 1
Snake Circuit
Bianca City 2
Tightrope Circuit
Crater Land 2
Loop Circuit
2Stark Farm 1
First Circuit
Beacon Port
Crossroad Circuit
Ancient Mesa 2
Skating Circuit
Tenth Zone East 2
Plummet Circuit
3Empyrean Colony 1
Dash Circuit
Explosive Circuit
Crater Land 1
Skid Zone Circuit
Empyrean Colony 2
Twist Circuit
4Stark Farm 2
Second Circuit
Ancient Mesa 1
Split Circuit
Cloud Carpet 2
Icarus Circuit
Fire Field 1
Land Mine Circuit
5Cloud Carpet 1
Long Jump Circuit
Stark Farm 3
Third Circuit
Bianca City 3
Ultimate Circuit
Fire Field 2
Warrior Circuit


  • On December 14, 2011, it was announced that F-Zero: Maximum Velocity (along with nine other GBA titles) would be available free to download as a 3DS Virtual Console for the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program on the Nintendo eShop (those who did purchase the Nintendo 3DS system before the price dropped to $169.99). [1] [2] And two days after the announcement, they released all the 10 Game Boy Advance titles on December 16th, 2011 in Japan, North America, and Europe. [3]
  • On April 17, 2014, it was also released on the Nintendo eShop for the Wii U (along with Golden Sun and Super Mario Bros. 3 for 3DS and Wii U).
  • On February 3, 2023, it was announced on a Nintendo Direct that Game Boy Advance games (along with Game Boy games) would be available through the Nintendo Switch Online service with GBA games being available with the Expansion Pack.
    • On March 29, 2024, it was released on the Game Boy Advance NSO app for the Switch.
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F-Zero: Maximum Velocity (2024)
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