F-Zero Maximum Velocity (2024)


Number of Players
  • Racing
Release Date

Game Boy Advance

  • F-Zero Maximum Velocity (1) 11th Jun 2001
  • F-Zero Maximum Velocity (2) 22nd Jun 2001

3DS eShop

  • F-Zero Maximum Velocity (3) 16th Dec 2011
  • F-Zero Maximum Velocity (4) 16th Dec 2011

Wii U eShop

  • F-Zero Maximum Velocity (5) 17th Apr 2014, $6.99
  • F-Zero Maximum Velocity (6) 17th Apr 2014, £6.29
  • F-Zero Maximum Velocity (7) 3rd Apr 2014, ¥700

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack (Subscription)

  • 29th Mar 2024
  • F-Zero
  • Nintendo Switch Online


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    Review F-Zero Maximum Velocity (GBA) - The First Portable F-Zero Still Holds Up

    Back to the future

    This review originally went live in 2014, and we're updating and republishing it to celebrate the game's arrival in Switch's Game Boy Advance library via Nintendo Switch Online. Ah, F-Zero. The futuristic racing series that’s so fast that even Nintendo lost track of it for years. Since it released the Japanese exclusive...

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F-Zero Maximum Velocity Guides

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    Guide Best F-Zero Games Of All Time

    Every F-Zero, as ranked by you

    Were it not for Nintendo's monumentally successful Mario Kart franchise, there's a good chance that F-Zero could have become the go-to racing franchise on not just Nintendo platforms, but everywhere. It really is that good, you know. Trading bananas and shells for pure speed and boost abilities, F-Zero — which...

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F-Zero Maximum Velocity News

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    Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? (6th April)

    Hallownest awaits

    It's the weekend folks, which means it's time to find out which games we'll be sinking a few hours into. Before that, however, let's check out a recap of what's been going down this week. First up, we found out that the Switch might have an even bigger task ahead of it if we want it to become the best-selling console of all time...

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    Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? (30th March)


    The weekend is here, which means it's time to dive into what we've all got planned with our Switches (and other consoles too, we guess). Before that, however, let's take a look at what's been going on this week. First up, the Switch got its latest firmware update, and although it's not the most exciting thing in the world, we always...

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  • 90

    News Nintendo Expands Switch Online's Game Boy Advance Library

    Another F-Zero game joins Nintendo's paid service

    Update [Fri 29th Mar, 2024 02:00 GMT]: In case you missed it earlier this week, today marks the arrival of F-Zero Maximum Velocity on the Switch Online + Expansion Pack GBA service. Japan has also received this game. To play it, you'll need to update your GBA app on Switch. You'll also need to have...

    • Nintendo Switch
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    Poll Box Art Brawl: Duel - F-Zero: Maximum Velocity

    Maximum overdrive!

    Hi folks, and welcome to another edition of Box Art Brawl! Last week, to celebrate the marvellously macabre Halloween season, we took a look at Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for the Wii, pitting North America and Europe against Japan. Although many appreciated the western design for the game, it was ultimately Japan that...

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  • 86

    Random "Die-Hard Nintendo Fan" Reportedly Forked Out Over $40K To Ask For A New F-Zero

    Nintendo says it's "always" open to new titles & remakes

    Update [Fri 1st Jul, 2022 05:45]: Yesterday, VGC had a story about a Nintendo shareholder who asked the company if they had any plans to revive past IPs such as the futuristic racing series F-Zero, the RPG Baten Kaitos, and various other titles like Wario Land. It turns out this question...

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    • Shuntaro Furukawa
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    News Reggie Doesn't Seem To Think Nintendo Has "Abandoned" F-Zero, Says There's Still Hope

    Some dev could still be "playing around with an idea"

    One series we're sure many Nintendo fans would love to see make a return is the F-Zero. Although the Nintendo 64 version got a re-release in March via the Switch Online service, there hasn't been a new entry in the futuristic racing series since the 2004 Game Boy Advance title, F-Zero Climax...

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    News F-Zero Isn't Dead - It's Just Sleeping, Says Nintendo Legend Takaya Imamura

    "Without a grand new idea, it’s hard to bring it back"

    If you ask any Nintendo fan what series they'd like to see resurrected today, there's a fair chance that F-Zero will be mentioned at some point. The futuristic racing series made its debut on the SNES at the start of the '90s, and although it has seen several sequels since then, it's been...

    • Takaya Imamura
    • F-Zero
  • 76

    News The F-Zero Series Is Now 30 Years Old

    Speeding away

    The Super Famicom this week celebrates its 30th anniversary and you know what that means, right? The F-Zero series is now also 30 years old. The first game was released in Japan on 21st November 1990 and followed with a North American release in 1991 and a European release in 1992. Since the original game's arrival, Nintendo has...

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  • 78

    News Move Aside Mario, A New F-Zero Twitter Account Has Been Discovered

    Second time's a charm

    Following on from the discovery of a private Super Mario Twitter account earlier this week, there are now reports that another account - with a recovery email potentially linked to Nintendo - has been discovered. Yep, this time it's for Nintendo's dormant F-Zero franchise which hasn't received a new entry in about 16 years...

    • Nintendo
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  • 83

    News Former Nintendo Staffer Giles Goddard Would Love To Make A New F-Zero

    "Expectations for these old-school games are so high now"

    Giles Goddard is a name that will be instantly familiar to anyone who followed the development of titles like Star Fox and 1080 Snowboarding. The British developer started his career with Argonaut and along with Dylan Cuthbert would go on to join Nintendo's ranks - making them two of the...

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    • Vitei

About The Game

The famous futuristic racing series that originated on Super Nintendo hits Game Boy Advance with supersonic force!

F-Zero: Maximum Velocity brings brand new vehicles and unique tracks packed with deadly tight turns, stomach-churning speed boosts and gravity-defying jumps. Master 20 different courses and four difficulty levels as you work your way up the ranks from lowly rookie to F-Zero champion!

Comments 3

  • 1
  • Matillion

Ambassadors, rejoice?

  • 0

  • 2
  • Geonjaha

Worst Ambassador game. Deleted it actually...

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  • 3
  • edhe

I don't like this game because I'm not very good at it.

I know they released other F-Zero games for the GBA, but did they play more like the N64 version, because I can actually play that game without constantly slamming against the side of the track.

I look forward to ritually destroying my GBA copy of the game and then... downloading the ambassador version, because it's free!

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